POTD: Makoshika #12

POTD: Makoshika #12Makoshika #12 Makoshika State Park, Montana 2014


2 thoughts on “POTD: Makoshika #12”

  1. I really like the texture differences in this one and the sense that everything is small…or is this an optical illusion and it’s really much bigger than it appears?
    The image feels delicate, almost like those Zen garden kits with the sand and stones, carefully arranged for tranquility.
    Nice! 🙂

    1. Kathy, that photo covers about 2 feet top to bottom, so no optical illusion (unless you were thinking even smaller than that). If I had stepped on this area, it would of course have disturbed the distribution of the pebbles, but I was surprised at how little my footprints showed when walking on the underlying soil. It’s less fragile than it looks, which I guess makes sense otherwise the features in the place would rapidly change every time it rains. (Granted they do change faster than the solid sandstone of the southwest.)

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