POTD: Interchange

POTD: InterchangeInterchange Neenah, Wisconsin 2014

Tar on asphalt–still one of my favorite sources of abstract compositions even though Aaron Siskind beat me too the punch several decades ago.]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Interchange”

  1. I like these kind of abstracts as well. They are even more fun when you come up with titles that help us see what you saw! 🙂

  2. Your name works for me. You could say you are at least a little more creative with your names. But I guess if you have taken at least 166 photos in Vermont and 95 in providence then creative naming probably gets harder than taking the photos. I stared at those two of his and if I turned the Vermont photo on its side I got a pterodactyl. I couldn’t come up with anything for the other.

    1. Although I like thinking of applicable names for abstract images, I think it’s not the case that they are required; an abstract composition can be appreciated based on it’s arrangement of elements, colors, etc. In fact some artists (including photographers) will argue that descriptive titles should never be used as they interfere with the viewers personal interpretation of the work. Some even say that if a title is needed to make the work meaningful, it wasn’t a good work of art to begin with. I don’t subscribe to that view at all of course, but do agree that a title isn’t absolutely necessary.

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