POTD: Old Dinosaurs

POTD: Old DinosaursOld Dinosaurs Rawlins, Wyoming 2014

The company town of Sinclair housing a big refinery is six miles from Rawlins, so there is no wonder Sinclair stations and memorabilia have a major presence in the area. When I was a kid growing up in Kansas, there were no local Sinclair stations so we only saw them when traveling out west on vacation. I remember them distinctly because one summer they were giving away small toy dinosaurs of different species with each fill-up. Being enamored with dinosaurs (and free toys in general) as are most kids, once we figured out that they were being given away, our parents would hear about it if they even considered stopping for a different brand of gasoline. Like me, this particular gas pump is a dinosaur of sorts itself. When was the last time you pulled into a gas station where the prices on the pumps could only be set as high as 99.9 cents per gallon? (Or perhaps the question should be have you every pumped gas from such a pump.)]]>