POTD: Oil Patch Vernacular #1

POTD: Oil Patch Vernacular #1Oil Patch Vernacular #1 Rawlins, Wyoming 2014

Rawlins is the county seat of Carbon County, Wyoming and also houses the state penitentiary. But it seems most dominated by the oil industry. It appears to be a town that was built with just the basics needed to get the job done and with whatever materials where handy and cheap, with few fancy frills to embellish the surroundings. You might say it possesses a lot of butt-ugly honesty. It takes a certain mentality to appreciate that kind kind of environment enough to photograph it, so of course I took up the challenge when we spent the night there on our way to Colorado a couple of weeks ago.]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Oil Patch Vernacular #1”

  1. Randy Blackwood

    That is a weird building. Looks like the 2nd floor is a different material than the first. Also looks like there is a drain pipe or something hanging off the second floor but doesn’t go all the way to the ground. And the back side looks weird because there is no overhang/eaves.
    Not sure where this series of photos is going but I think you are in for a challenge to make these interesting. I certainly don’t think you will be hanging this one at an art show.

    1. Randy, in your scrutiny of the image, did you notice the guy you can see in the doorway sitting at the bar drinking? More to your point, the odd shape of the building suggests there used to be another one adjoining it on the right (absence of the eaves on that side). You are right none of this series will make it to the outdoor art shows I do (not the kind of work folks are generally looking to hang over the sofa), but they certainly could be in a museum show of some sort.

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