POTD: Old and Older

POTD: Old and OlderOld and Older San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua 2013

These replicas of ancient pre-Columbian effigy vessels provide an interesting contrast with the recent Disney characters. Come to think of it though I guess those Disney characters are pretty ancient too–almost as old as me. I guess it depends on what time scale you are using.


2 thoughts on “POTD: Old and Older”

  1. Those Disney characters are from The Lion King, which dates back to when I was in third grade. So to my current third graders, they are indeed ancient. To me, they signify the end of the glory days of Disney movies. The effigies actually seem to go with Timon and Pumba pretty well,,even though they come from different continents.

    1. Tracy, I thought the glory days of Disney ended back about the time I was in third grade, 1960, the year the TV series Zorro and the Mickey Mouse Club were both canceled. As I said time, it depends on the time-scale you are using. (I think Einstein had some ideas about that relative time thing.)

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