POTD: Desert Wash

POTD: Desert WashDesert Wash Hubbell Trading Post, Arizona 2013

As long as the morning dog-leg light lasts (a.k.a. the magic hour) around here, it does abate around midday. So I thought I was taking a break from “work” when I sat out behind my hogan for lunch yesterday. But I spent the whole time staring at this scene and finally had to photograph it. This kind of washed-out-yet-colorful and interesting light had me thinking of the the painter Maynard Dixon (see below), one of my favorite painters of the West. So it was in that spirit that I processed this photograph.

Dixon 1 Maynard Dixon Indian Springs, Nevada 1934


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  1. Which just goes to prove that great photos can be made in any light! I too have experienced stopping from photographing only to be called again to the camera by a scene that won’t “let go”.

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