POTD: Back Door Beauty

POTD: Back Door BeautyBack Door Beauty Vernal, Utah 2013

I had intended to camp out in the mountains of northeast Utah the first night on my way to Arizona. Turns out there must be a bunch of light weight campers there as all the campgrounds were closed for the season. So I kept heading south looking for something that was open. With no success by the time I hit Vernal, Utah and being very tired I headed to that all American campground, the Walmart parking lot. One of the many things not to like about spending the night in a Walmart parking lot is the fact that they are so darn well lit it’s hard for me to sleep. I headed around back of the building hoping to find a less bright spot with no luck, but I did happen to catch the full moon coming up over the hill. I gave up on Walmart and just headed out of town, pulling a bit off the highway to sleep out in the desert. Turns out though that a full moon in a sand covered desert does a pretty good imitation of a Walmart parking lot in terms of lighting. So, between the full moon and the nice highway patrolman who came by at 2 a.m. to make sure I was o.k., I didn’t get much sleep. But at least the ambiance of the place was certainly an improvement over Walmart.    ]]>

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