POTD: Turn Here

POTD: Turn HereTurn Here Navajo Nation 2013

There’s a lot of empty land in Navajo country, but it’s not as empty as it seems from a distance; scattered here and there are houses, sometimes just one, sometimes a cluster. They’re spread all over the place so there’s a real spider web of roads going off in every direction. I guess I should say a drunk spider’s web as there is no regularity to the pattern of roads like you would expect with a classic spider web. All the roads pretty much look alike, driveways and main roads seem little different. There are no street signs so some folks have marked their turns. This is one of the more unusual and visible markers I’ve seen. As far as I’m concerned they can put a lot more of these out there, even put some wording on them to help paleface strangers like me. I was looking for a place called Three Turkey Ruins. As far as I could tell I was on the right road but somehow ended up in Chinle instead–only about 15 miles off target.]]>

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