POTD: Dog-Leg Light

POTD: Dog-Leg LightDog-Leg Light Hubbell Trading Post, Arizona 2013

Ever have one of those dogs that, when you scratch it in a certain place, it’s leg starts jack-hammering up and down continuously until you stop? Well that’s what the light around here has been doing to me, except it’s my trigger finger that keeps hammering on the shutter button of my camera. No matter how many times I tell myself I’ve already got enough good shots in a setting like this, I can’t seem to stop until the light does. It’s not uncommon to encounter this dramatic light with some regularity for an hour after the sun rises or before it sets. Photographers call this the golden hour. But the problem around here, if you can call it a problem (said the addict), is that the light seems to last most of the day. I could just call it golden light instead of the golden hour but I’m going with dog-leg light.]]>

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