POTD: Noisy Neighbors

J8479Noisy Neighbors Hubbell Trading Post 2013

The hogan I’m staying at during my artist residency is about 100 feet from the actual trading post at Hubbell and since tourists also wander the grounds, there are often people around the place during the day. But at 5 p.m. they chase everyone out and even the trading post staff and park employees leave, locking the gate across the road at the entrance. So with the exception of a few Charro sheep, a goat, some chickens (no roosters) and a turkey, I have the place to myself after hours. So I was surprise one evening early on to hear a boom, boom, boom sound occasionally that seemed to come from nearby. On investigation it turned out to be this Charro ram rearranging the furniture in his pen (i.e., the wooden feed bin) by butting it around with his head. With four horns to butt a drum with, he could make quite a contribution to a symphony or a rock band.]]>

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