POTD: Lectio #31

POTD: Lectio #31Lectio #31 Paris, France 2013

Back in the 20s Hemingway and company used to spend their days in Paris writing in cafes around the city. Now reading, rather than writing seems to have taken over. Well, texting and tweeting is also going on which is at least nominally writing. But somehow I don’t think 90 years from now anyone’s going to be reading or talking about the great American tweet” written back in the early years of the century.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Lectio #31”

  1. Seeing this photo made me immediately think it was a self-portrait of you & the Fashion Queen by proxy! 🙂 Though it seems you spent more of your time in Paris photographing than reading! Nice photo!

    1. Kathy, we spend some time sitting in cafes like that, but I get antsy pretty quick and always want to get up and do something active. That’s why at home I don’t seem to get much reading done except when I’m too tired to be doing something else (and then I tend to fall asleep while reading). Walking around in Paris kept me active and allowed me to photograph a lot of different people, but sitting in an outdoor cafe you can photograph a lot of people by just facing the sidewalk and letting them come to you. So I guess the main advantage for me was that walking around and photographing burned calories and prevented me from eating so much, while sitting in a cafe I wouldn’t have been satisfied with just a cup of tea or a glass of wine, I’d want to be snacking on pastries or so other French treat all the time.

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