May 15, 2013

Works to Live By #4

smithsonian-photo-contest-people-nazareth-church-girls-ilan-fainIn One of the Small Churches in Nasareth photo by Ilan Fain Haifa, Israel 2011

One of the winners of the Smithsonian 10th annual photo contest. (See the original post here.) I remember feeling that excited about church when I was that age as well. Of course I wasn’t so nearly cute or photogenic as these young ladies are. You can see an image of mine showing boredom in young folks from a previous POTD post here. I only make note of it because of the similarity in subjects. Fain’s image is much more striking than my own.

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POTD: Sunday Stroll

POTD: Sunday StrollSunday Stroll Paris, France 2013

Reserving Sundays for family outings seems pretty universal. I assume that stems from the traditional Christian practice of treating Sunday as a day of prayer (or at least rest). But it also applies in more secular countries such as France. Can I assume that in Muslim dominated countries family outings are more likely to occur on Fridays? When I used to visit the Fashion Queen at Christmas when she was working in Washington, D.C. we would go out to eat on Christmas rather than fix a holiday dinner at home for just two people. The problem was that most restaurants were closed on Christmas. We usually ended up eating at Chinese restaurants (along with a lot of Jewish folks). No matter what your belief system, it seems there is no getting around the influence of religion on daily life.]]>

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