June 2013

POTD: Another Day, Another Peak

POTD: Another Day, Another PeakAnother Day, Another Peak Bozeman, Montana 2013

 I don’t usually do two major hikes close together but opportunity and poor planning resulted in just that this week. Tuesday I climbed Ross Peak, the mountain in the background with the brightly lit rock face in the center of this photo. This photo, from yesterday, is of me on top of Sacajawea Peak, the highest point in the Bridger mountain range (9,665′). The plan was to follow the ridge in the background (except we would circle around Ross Peak) for 20 miles or so and end up just outside of Bozeman. We cut it short however after about 11 miles, hiking down at the Bridger Bowl Ski area in mid-afternoon. Good thing we did as an hour or so later a major thunderstorm moved through the area with torrential rains and many lightning strikes–not the best time to be on an exposed ridge above 8,000′. Below is a photo of one of my hiking partners for the day. Mountain Goat]]>

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POTD: Sprout #2

POTD: Sprout #2Sprout #2 Bozeman, Montana 2013

Given the heat wave that has engulfed us much has it has the rest of the West, our days of seeing this kind of juicy moisture on plants on a regular basis are gone for awhile it seems. It was nice while it lasted.]]>

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New LensWork Publication

My collection of photos titled “Lives Real and Imagined” is appearing in the next issue of LensWork magazine. In this photo from the LensWork Facebook page editor Maureen Gallagher is checking proofs at the printer. The image she is viewing just happens to be one of mine.

(Photo and text below from the LensWork Facebook page.)
What is Mo looking for with the printer’s loupe? In the highlights we want that 1% dot to be clean and consistent; in the blacks we want black without blocking up; and in the text we don’t want to see any “bleeding” of the cover paint into the fine font. — at Hemlock Printers Ltd.  

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POTD: Incoming Fog

POTD: Incoming FogIncoming Fog Bozeman, Montana 2013

Fog creeping in above our house recently. The wet cool weather is said to be coming to an end later this week. It’s really played havoc with my outdoor plans over the last month or two but it’s keep everything beautifully lush and green and the fire danger down. Starting next week I’m on run of outdoor art shows in Montana so the outlook for drier warmer weather will be welcome for that, if not the fire danger level.]]>

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POTD: Slow Demise

POTD: Slow DemiseSlow Demise Bozeman, Montana 2013

I think I mentioned before on this blog how long the decay process takes in Montana’s arid climate. Living on the same piece of land for over 30 years is a good way to become aware of that fact. (This dead tree is on the upper part of our property.) It takes so long for downed trees to change noticeably around here that it makes me wonder why the house we live in takes so much upkeep on a continual basis.]]>

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POTD: Check It Out

POTD: Check It OutCheck It Out Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2013

A curious raven scopes out the contents of a trash/recycling container at Roosevelt Lodge in Yellowstone during a late spring snowfall earlier this year. It’s not clear what the motivation for his curiosity as it was pretty obvious there was no way into the container except through that hole and I don’t think he was contemplating entering that way even though it was theoretically possible. But maybe if there was the raven equivalent of a million bucks in the container he might have risked it.]]>

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