POTD: Another Day, Another Peak

POTD: Another Day, Another PeakAnother Day, Another Peak Bozeman, Montana 2013

 I don’t usually do two major hikes close together but opportunity and poor planning resulted in just that this week. Tuesday I climbed Ross Peak, the mountain in the background with the brightly lit rock face in the center of this photo. This photo, from yesterday, is of me on top of Sacajawea Peak, the highest point in the Bridger mountain range (9,665′). The plan was to follow the ridge in the background (except we would circle around Ross Peak) for 20 miles or so and end up just outside of Bozeman. We cut it short however after about 11 miles, hiking down at the Bridger Bowl Ski area in mid-afternoon. Good thing we did as an hour or so later a major thunderstorm moved through the area with torrential rains and many lightning strikes–not the best time to be on an exposed ridge above 8,000′. Below is a photo of one of my hiking partners for the day. Mountain Goat]]>

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