June 27, 2013

New LensWork Publication

My collection of photos titled “Lives Real and Imagined” is appearing in the next issue of LensWork magazine. In this photo from the LensWork Facebook page editor Maureen Gallagher is checking proofs at the printer. The image she is viewing just happens to be one of mine.

(Photo and text below from the LensWork Facebook page.)
What is Mo looking for with the printer’s loupe? In the highlights we want that 1% dot to be clean and consistent; in the blacks we want black without blocking up; and in the text we don’t want to see any “bleeding” of the cover paint into the fine font. — at Hemlock Printers Ltd.  

POTD: Incoming Fog

POTD: Incoming FogIncoming Fog Bozeman, Montana 2013

Fog creeping in above our house recently. The wet cool weather is said to be coming to an end later this week. It’s really played havoc with my outdoor plans over the last month or two but it’s keep everything beautifully lush and green and the fire danger down. Starting next week I’m on run of outdoor art shows in Montana so the outlook for drier warmer weather will be welcome for that, if not the fire danger level.]]>