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My collection of photos titled “Lives Real and Imagined” is appearing in the next issue of LensWork magazine. In this photo from the LensWork Facebook page editor Maureen Gallagher is checking proofs at the printer. The image she is viewing just happens to be one of mine.

(Photo and text below from the LensWork Facebook page.)
What is Mo looking for with the printer’s loupe? In the highlights we want that 1% dot to be clean and consistent; in the blacks we want black without blocking up; and in the text we don’t want to see any “bleeding” of the cover paint into the fine font. — at Hemlock Printers Ltd.  

10 thoughts on “New LensWork Publication”

  1. Congratulations Larry. Is this the 3rd or 4th time in LensWork? I looked at your series and you’ve got some brilliant images. Some I recognize from your trip to Chicago. I really admire your ability to create themes and your vision in bringing the them to life. Well done my friend.

    1. Thanks Bruce. If you count the ice forms portfolio that only appeared in the LensWork extended version on CD, I’ve had five different collections of images in the magazine. I plan to keep sending Brooks my work from time to time until he gets tired of me!

    1. Thanks Carol. A lot of times after I’ve worked with a collection of images for some time, I get kind of saturated with them and don’t get much out of viewing them unless they are set aside for quite a while. Interestingly, at least so far, this is one collection I still enjoy going back through even though I’ve just recently been working with it a lot.

  2. Let me add my congratulations to these! So glad to see you recognized for your work and in Lenswork too!

  3. As you know, I usually just email you or tell you in person how much I appreciate your talent. Congratulations on LensWork. Recognition by professionals must feel different from recognition from friends.

  4. Connie Kindsfather

    Love the images in this collection. So nice to see you in LensWork again. As always you connect with your subject matter – telling a story. Nice.

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