POTD: Outlook

POTD: OutlookOutlook Paris, France 2013

Did you notice how there’s essentially no one in this cafe scene who seems to be looking away from the camera? A couple of folks in a side view, but no one facing the opposite direction from the camera. This is the standard setup for the outdoor seating areas of cafes in Paris. It’s all about the spectacle of people watching. I was surprised that with all the scrutiny us folks on the streets seemed to be getting, rarely did it even seem to register on them that they were being watched too–and photographed. Or maybe they did and just didn’t care. There are so many cameras being brandished by tourists like myself, that people get desensitized to them.]]>

5 thoughts on “POTD: Outlook”

  1. when I first saw this photo, I thought it was staged, partly because of where and how everyone was sitting, and partly because of the lighting. Looks like a sound stage at Universal.
    Nevertheless, I quite like the effect.

  2. I must have painting on my mind because this photo reminds me of one, possibly by Seraut or another of the late (post?) impressionists. Maybe it’s the feeling of all the people in different postures yet looking the same way. I can’t tell you which painting, but it “feels” like one. An excellent shot of people watching people! Oh, yes, and I agree with Connie about the lighting…really makes the image!

  3. I know of this Georges Serat painting but it was not the one your photo reminded me of. Over the weekend I’ll see if I can find the piece it’s reminding me of….maybe it’s just a feeling or mood that I’m responding to.

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