POTD: Notre Dame Detail

POTD: Notre Dame DetailNotre Dame Detail Paris, France 2013

Notre Dame is one of those places in Paris that doesn’t really need to be photographed yet again by anyone (just buy the postcard), and certainly I have a number of photos of it from our previous trips here. But we are staying quite close to it and it is a damn interesting piece of architecture so I can’t help myself from taking a few potshots at it during my walks in the area. This one highlights some of the detail on the backside of the building. It was kind of shocking to see how many of the gargoyles and other details at Notre Dame are severely damaged or gone altogether. Presumably they have a plan and a schedule for repairing or replacing them. The building is celebrating its 850th anniversary this year, as good a time as any for yet another facelift.]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Notre Dame Detail”

  1. Can never have too many photos of Notre Dame! My favorite thing is to climb to the top and take photos of the gargoyles.

    1. Judy, the access to the tower is closed right now (renovations). I probably wouldn’t have bothered fighting the crowds this time anyway. Lots of good gargoyle views on all the postcards around town–a lot of them vintage ones from decades ago when they were less eroded!

  2. Well, it is an awfully steep climb – and like you said – lots of photos around in the souvenir shops of the gargoyles. I think I was actually hoping to see Quasimodo! 🙂

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