POTD: Pedestrian View

POTD: Pedestrian ViewPedestrian View Paris, France 2013

Just a grab shot of the Eiffel Tower I took because it was the first view of it I got from our neighborhood on the Left Bank. I was standing on the “front porch” of the Pantheon at the time, so this is pretty much the same shot that every other visitor takes from there. But as such, it serves as the perfect setup for the double entendre title, which I like very much.]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Pedestrian View”

  1. I have that shot! Have a great time in Paris – one of our favorite places. We were there for a few days in Dec. – quite a different experience that time of the year – but we’ve concluded there is no bad time to be in Paris. Enjoy!

    1. You’re right Judy, there’s no bad time to be in Paris–and also no time to be there without crowds of other tourists too. I don’t remember this much of a crush even later in April before. I think your secret’s out! 🙂

  2. That’s what we discovered in Dec., too – other people had the same idea! Have a great time! We will look forward to lots more Paris pictures.

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