POTD: How to Get a Girl

POTD: How to Get a GirlHow to Get a Girl Paris, France 2013

Our first day in Paris after flying for umpty-ump hours and only a couple of hours of fitful plane-seat sleep in the last thirty hours or so. But we’re determined to stay up at least several more hours until it’s dark in Paris so we can get on their time schedule.

This was my first photo of the trip. The girl/woman in the statue is carrying an armload of books; what better way is there to attract a bookish woman than to appear so yourself.


4 thoughts on “POTD: How to Get a Girl”

    1. Mike, I used to call our dog Josie the “babe magnet.” She was so good at that it was surprising Connie even let me take the dog out for a walk without going along. The only problem was (or would have been if I were single and hoping)that all these women knew Josie’s name but not mine!

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