POTD: Up on Mistake Mountain

POTD: Up on Mistake MountainUp on Mistake Mountain Bozeman, Montana 2013

One of the things I hate about getting old is not only what seems to be an increase in the frequency of my stupid mistakes but the growing lifetime list of such mistakes I unfortunately (for my self-esteem) am capable of recalling from time to time. Not much point in beating yourself up about these I know. And I don’t; much anyway. But really, it’s frustrating. Maybe confronting mistakes head on for a moment and then letting them go is the best way to proceed. To that effort I submit this figurative mountain of new greeting cards I printed the other day in which the photos, although right side up on the computer screen image, ended up turned upside down when the card stock is folded in half. I’ve created dozens of different cards over the years and I know better, I just forgot with these new ones. I was probably dumb-tasking again. (That’s where for efficiency sake you try to  do multiple things at once and end up just screwing up on multiple dimensions simultaneously!)]]>

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