POTD: Just Add Water

Just Add Water Bozeman, Montana 2012

In a normal weather year (whatever that is anymore) a few rows of healthy looking corn would hardly show up on my photo-radar. But given all the shots of the drought-stricken crops in the Midwest I’ve been seeing on the news lately, this small patch in the community gardens in Bozeman appeared noteworthy. One advantage of global warming is that it extends the usually short growing season in places like Montana, making sweet corn a more viable crop. Of course a major disadvantage is all the dying trees on our land due to the explosion of tree eating insects that are usually kept reasonably in check by harsh winter weather. But that’s another story.]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Just Add Water”

  1. It’s not global warming anymore they couldn’t prove it so its called climate change,you know like the season
    s change.

    1. Well, most of the recent data suggests that it is in fact getting warmer out there–globally in fact. So I’m sticking with the warming label. I thought that the warming trend was generally accepted, with the argument actually shifting to whether or not the change was man-caused or not.

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