POTD: Ajo Gas

Ajo Gas Creston Junction, Wyoming 2012

Granted this location is right at an exit on busy I-80, but I wouldn’t think it would be a huge attraction to artists. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but shortly after taking this photo I was perusing the web site of Michael Blessing, a painter from Bozeman who I like a lot, in fact we own one of his paintings, and came across this:

OJO Gas, Wyoming Michael Blessing

He spells it differently than I do (I’m pretty sure I spelled it correctly), but otherwise the same subject, even nearly the same view of it at the same time of the day and a similar looking sky. Weird coincidence. See more of Michael’s work here.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Ajo Gas”

  1. Well in doing some searching there is someone elsE Kelley McCormack that also has photo or painting of Ojo gas. It appears Ojo is Spanish for eye and ajo is Spanish for garlic. So take your pic but I think it is o

    1. Randy, see the new blog post of a close-up of the sign–see if it changes your mind on whether it is ojo or ajo. (Can’t seem to post an image in the comment replies on my blog.) But maybe I should call the photo garlic eye.

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