POTD: Art in Passing #5

Art in Passing #5 Whitefish, Montana 2012

I haven’t done a real scientific study of it, but I believe you can guess the probability of someone actually buying something after going through the browse bins by how they stand when they’re looking at the photos. If they stand sideways to the bin and flip through the prints with one hand, they’re usually just killing time. If they face the bins and use two hands (or one hand and their stomach counts too I think), then their more interested. But the ones who start pulling prints out of the bins to get a better look are the best prospect. At some point in the process I’ll engage them in conversation, which often has the wrong effect (i.e., they leave the booth). I’m not one of those born salesmen, my work really has to sell itself. Maybe I need a better intro line than “You wouldn’t want to buy one of my photos would you?”]]>

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