POTD: Three Fallow Fields

Three Fallow Fields Bozeman, Montana 2012

Not really fields I guess, but garden plots in the community gardens around the corner from our house after yesterday’s modicum of new snow had been melting for a while. The different snow patterns are due to each plot owners unique way of tilling the soil after the harvest last fall. Originally I had these three images lined up side by side, the way the plots are actually arranged for real and also the way I prefer my triptychs in general. But in order to fit such a wide combined image on the blog page each individual shot had to be too small to appreciate very well, so I went with the vertical arrangement. Unless you think it was a stroke of compositional genius to line them up vertically; then it was a creative decision not a pragmatic one. :-)]]>

5 thoughts on “POTD: Three Fallow Fields”

  1. Interestingly, to get the text big enough to read on my little iPhone screen, I have to rotate to landscape, then back to portrait to view the photo as large as possible. Less than ideal, but that’s browsing in the age of pocket sized displays.

    1. Russell, even with it’s somewhat larger screen I go through the same gyrations with my Droid Razr when viewing photography sites as well. Who’d have thought that twirling smartphones would a be a desirable part of one’s technology skill set.

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