POTD: Crow Berries

Crow Berries Bozeman, Montana 2012

There has been a large bunch (murder) of crows hanging around our neighborhood the last couple of weeks taunting me. They taunt me because they keep enticing me away from what I’m supposed to be working on to stalk them looking for good photos. But it seems just when I get out my camera they start to move off somewhere else. The other day in my studio I looked up and saw a tree across the street filled with about 100 crows. I grabbed my camera and headed outside on the driveway. But before I could get more than a few quick shots, they moved to a tree a few houses away. So, I walked down there and of course they flew a little farther down the block, so I followed them again. This cycle continued and before I knew it I was several blocks from home having left the house open because I was only stepping out for a minute. I got some potentially interesting shots but never what I should have been able to get if they’d only kept still in one place for a little while. The above photo was taken on a different day while waiting for the crows to do something interesting along the creek out the back of the house one afternoon, sort of a consolation prize for them never striking any interesting pose the whole time I was watching. That wait wasn’t particularly frustrating though since I did most of it while sitting in the Life is Good chair.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Crow Berries”

  1. I’m really glad life is good for you, Larry! I’m hoping mine will catch up someday. Obviiously, I’m hoping that will happen soon.

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