POTD: Lost Dreams

Lost Dreams Martinsdale, Montana 2011

The railroad station down at the end of the street with it’s lost soles and mysterious dates is the loneliest looking place in Martinsdale, but the old Martinsdale Hotel isn’t far behind on that measure. For reference purposes, below is a photo of the train station that I took some nine years ago. Along with a big chunk of it’s roof, it has lost a lot of it’s artistic appeal in the years since then.

Vanishing Point Martinsdale, Montana 2003


2 thoughts on “POTD: Lost Dreams”

  1. Martinsdale looks even more desolate with the dreary overcast and tire tracks that pass the hotel where no tracks mar the sidewalk or parking…

    1. Steve, on a good day Martinsdale looks pretty desolate. But you are right the gray day and lack of but a few tire tracks (mostly mine since I drove by a couple of times before taking the photo) make it even more so.

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