POTD: Further On Up the Road #2

Further On Up the Road #2 Southwest Montana 2012

My friend Steve asked me a couple of days ago if I was o.k. He pointed out that I’ve been back from Budapest since November but haven’t posted anything but photos from that trip ever since. He thought maybe that was because I didn’t feel well so wasn’t getting out doing any new work. Well, I’m feeling fine and have been out taking photos since then, but I’ve been having so much fun with the Budapest images I haven’t given the more recent stuff much attention. Yesterday though I went on a little road trip (“safari” as my father used to call such jaunts) and took some photos I did have quite a bit of fun with on the computer last night. So, I think I’ll post a few of those. Then maybe I’ll get back to Budapest. (I took about 4,000 photos on that trip so there are plenty more.) Or maybe I’ll just keep coming up with more new work that I can’t resist posting. We’ll see. The last time I posted a photo with the Further On Up the Road title, I didn’t include an appropriate video because I couldn’t decide which one to use. This time the choice was easy for some reason. Here’s Eric Clapton and The Band from the Last Waltz concert way back in the late seventies. I chose this one because these guys look like they’re really having fun.


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