POTD: Six Deep

Six Deep
Gold Butte National Monument, Nevada


6 thoughts on “POTD: Six Deep”

  1. Stephen+Johnson

    Nice, very calming, like waves. Are you guys home? Are you posting these from the road? On my camera I have some formatting options that allows me to change saturation etc. to some degree to stylize the picture. This shot was certainly different in the lighting than the previous shots from Cathedral Gorge. Was curious if you are doing that via camera “on the road”, or making the magic at home.

    1. We are home now and I posted this photo from home. Some of the previous photos from the trip were posted while we were still on the road. However the lighting difference you noted isn’t due to processing here or on the road or in the camera. In fact, other than adjusting basic exposure, I did not tweak any of the photos from Gold Butte that much. In this case, the lighting difference you see is because I was shooting very far away through haze and I believe the color of the haze was affected by the blue sky above. In fact, I cropped out some close in foreground from the photo and it had the same coloration as the previous photos from there. As a point of interest perhaps, I always shoot raw format photos which are not affected by any camera options such as saturation etc. Since I never post directly from my camera (or phone), it’s best just to save all the adjustments for afer I download them.

    1. I believe the Blue Ridge Mountains got their name for this same effect. You can see it many places, all you need is a clear view (no trees) and enough mountain ranges properly ordered.

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