POTD: The Erosion of Values

The Erosion of Values
Birmingham, Alabama


2 thoughts on “POTD: The Erosion of Values”

  1. This is such a strong composition, Larry! You have the complementary colors of orange and blue, including the woman in a blue dress. Plus you captured her at the moment when she “meets” the triangular shadow “pointing” to her position. In addition, there are the repeating rectangles along with a couple “circles” creating a very strong graphic sense. Well Seen!

    1. Thanks Kathy. This was one of those fortuitous (a.k.a. just plain lucky) moments when I just happened to be across the street at a time of day with strong lighting and shadows and just happened to be photographing the old storefront when that woman walked by. I actually took four shots from this viewpoint. One with no people in it, one with a guy who was almost completely in the shadows and then two with this woman. Besides the things you mentioned I also like the way the nicely dressed woman and her well kept appearance contrasts with the run down background.

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