POTD: The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect
Bozeman, Montana

Our house in town sits 15 to 20 feet higher than our neighbor’s so we’re looking down on their backyard. That put us in a good position to view these sagging snow shapes sitting on top of the parallel cross beams on their pergola.

4 thoughts on “POTD: The Ripple Effect”

  1. Interesting shapes. Glad you explained it because I never would have figured it out – was guessing some kind of food. 😆

  2. Our house looks down on our neighbor’s house by about 15 feet also. I will keep my eye open to how snow looks on the tile roof. The only problem is, we are not getting much of any winter weather.

    1. Snow on a tile roof could make for some interesting patterns I think. That photo I took shows abpit as much snow depth as we’ve had so far this winter. Now it’s much, much less. If this keeps up we’re going to be in for a rough summer I think.

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