POTD: Celestial Abstract

Celestial Abstract
Bozeman, Montana

This shot of a mobile hanging from our ceiling is dedicated to the historic conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn the other day, which as expected, we were not able to view because of clouds. When the furnace kicks in, the moving air spins the shapes in the mobile around the green ball in the center, further aiding the celestial feel it gives off.

Since it also contains festive colors including the traditional red and green colors of Christmas, it also serves to mark this holiday season. Hope you’re all staying safe and enjoying it in whatever way the pandemic allows you to.

Addendum: I wrote this post before the conjunction. It turns out that after days of overcast weather, the skies cleared just enough that evening that we were in fact able to view it. The next morning it was all overcast again. A solstice miracle!

3 thoughts on “POTD: Celestial Abstract”

  1. Such an appropriate holiday photo. I really enjoyed this image (even before the explanation which made it even more interesting). Happy Holidays to you and Connie and I look forward to another year of POTD!

      1. I should also mention that in fact we were able to view the conjunction after all. I’ve changed the text of the post to reflect that.

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