POTD: Elevations #65

Elevations #65
Commanche, Montana


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    1. Thanks Steve. Those old wooden elevators are built of 2″x6″ and/or 2″x8″ boards stacked flat, so given a good base to sit on, they are extremely sturdy. I suppose a tornado could take one down but short of that they probably would not fall over (again given a good foundation). As far as fire, a fire could get started inside but would take a long time to burn the main structure I think. Interestingly enough though, the other side of this particular elevator had a huge vertical gash in it, almost like some giant knife or claw had racked it from near the top to about half way down. Since that is the side of the elevator where the two toppled over metal silos (those that were in earlier photographs I posted) had been standing, I imagine whatever was used to pull those down also got a piece of the wooden elevator. Yet even with the big gash the thing still stands straight.

      Some folks bought an old wooden elevator like this one just west of Bozeman a ways and converted it to their home. They did not put in many windows because cutting through the solid sides of the walls was extremely arduous, especially considering how many chain-saw wrecking nails were used to hold the walls together.

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