January 2020

POTD: Bloody Nose

Bloody Nose
Death Valley, California

It’s deceiving of course, but there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of wildlife in the bleak expanses of Death Valley. That did not seem to be a problem for this young raven at Ubehebe Crater who looked like it had just flown in from breakfast without bothering to wash it’s face (or feet for that matter).

POTD: Ubehebe Morning #5

Ubehebe Morning #5
Death Valley, California

If you’re interested in the scale of this image, note the two people standing on the crater rim in the upper left of the photo.

Yellowstone Art Museum Auction Exhibition

Friday evening was the opening reception for the 2020 Yellowstone Art Museum Art Auction in Billings, MT. This photo is me with one of the three composite photographs of mine that were accepted for the auction this year. One of my pieces, Escher in Yellowstone (shown below), was in the group that were available for bid and sale on Friday evening only. The one shown above, titled Ascending Tianmu Mountain in a Dream, and the third piece, Turner in Yellowstone (also below), are available for bid through March 7.

Escher in Yellowstone


Turner in Yellowstone


POTD: Ubehebe Morning #1

Ubehebe Morning #1
Death Valley, California

Ubehebe Crater is one of my favorite spots in Death Valley. Both times I’ve been there it was early in the morning–a perfect time to get dramatic shots of high contrast scenes of the impressive geology there.

POTD: Migration Patterns

Migration Patterns
Bozeman, Montana

When I post composite photos like this one, I always indicate Bozeman as the location because that is where they are created. The components in the images can of course be from just about anywhere and at various times. In this case the Desert Bighorn Sheep are from my December trip to Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, the petroglyph sheep from Utah about 15 years ago and the rock background from California a few years ago.