POTD: Migration Patterns

Migration Patterns
Bozeman, Montana

When I post composite photos like this one, I always indicate Bozeman as the location because that is where they are created. The components in the images can of course be from just about anywhere and at various times. In this case the Desert Bighorn Sheep are from my December trip to Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, the petroglyph sheep from Utah about 15 years ago and the rock background from California a few years ago.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Migration Patterns”

  1. I like this a lot!

    Today we digitally photograph what we see. Years ago, we drew what we saw on rock walls. I am imagining someone many years from now using whatever means is available to them to add to this composite.

    1. Thanks Carol. Perhaps many years from now the available technology will allow people to just visualize everything in their heads and communicate it to others without any intermediate media such as rocks, paper or electrons on a screen.

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