POTD: One-Eyed Commanche

One-Eyed Comanche
Commanche, Montana

This is not the first photo I’ve taken in 2020 but the first photo from 2020 that I’ve posted as a POTD. (I’ve been too busy with all the photos I took on our December trip to Nevada and Death Valley. Still more of those to go too.)

I’ve been to Comanche, Texas and Comanche, Oklahoma but never even heard of Commanche, Montana (with or without that second unusal “m”) before until I was looking for a “scenic” detour on our recent trip to Billings, Montana. At just the right zoom level on Google Maps, it will appear on that app’s screen. Anyway, once I saw it I though why not start seeing how many places named Comanche (or Commanche) I can visit. I’m not sure how many there are so it may not be much of a challenge. On the other hand there could be a lot as back in the day the Comanche Indians ranged all the way from Montana to Texas (and likely into Mexico as well). They were a tribe not to be messed with so pretty much had free range to travel about more or less unmolested until the U.S. Army started in on them.