POTD: Little Landscapes #6

Little Landscapes #6
Cathedral Gorge, Nevada


2 thoughts on “POTD: Little Landscapes #6”

  1. Hi,
    I understand that this series is smaller versions of larger formations that without perspective look very much the same. But to humor me could you tell me the size difference, for example off the largest formation is 500 feet high, are these “little landscapes” a foot, 6 inches, or 20 feet? That info would help my mind’s eye appreciate the premise more. Or you could just put a quarter in the photo😆

    1. I’ve been kind of expecting someone to ask this question.The largest individual formations in Cathedral Gorge probably top out between 50′ and 100′ while none of the photos in the “Little Landscapes” series covers more than 5′-6′ in either direction (vertical or horizontal). As far as this particular image and quarters go, if you look along the left edge of the photo, about a quarter of the way up from the lower left hand corner there is a dark pebble. The height of that pebble is probably close to that of a quarter. That it is hard to tell the scale with no reference points of known size is of course related to the idea of fractals. If I had gone down on my hands and knees and shot even closer I’m sure I could have reproduced similar landscapes on a macro level. I would imagine though as you look closer and closer the ability to find representative shapes declines significantly as you approach the basic granularity of the material.

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