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An image of mine taken on the Oregon coast some years ago appears in the current issue of The Sun magazine as the intro photo for an article titled “The Feminist Club. This is one of my favorite images of people in my collection. Although I like the black and white image a lot, I like the color version shown below better. I call this image The Undiscovered Country.

The Undiscovered Country
Oregon Coast

4 thoughts on “The Sun Magazine publication”

  1. Congratulations, Larry! And that is a great pic…didn’t see the highlighted woman right away. I agree with your preference for the color version. The golden light on the seated figure is visually important to the story.

    1. Thanks Kathy. The highlighted woman shows up pretty well in an actual black and white print but the unusual lighting shows up best in color.

  2. Randy Blackwood

    I heard on NPR that I guess in either Germany or maybe all of Europe you cannot take any photos of people without getting permission. Apparently you have to ask ahead of time. Which really spoils any impromptu photos.

    1. All of Europe, and the world in general is a mishmash of laws regarding permissions for photos of people in public. Here’s a link with some country-specific information. Most are wishful thinking in that they are near impossible to enforce given the gazillions of tourists with cell phone cameras in constant use. Of course if one is published and the subject takes offense, it could get the photographer in trouble. They passed a very restrictive law in Hungary several years after we were there and I took lots of photos of people in public places. I don’t think I’ll be going back to do more of that. To make matters worse, there are copyright laws being considered or at least were being considered to make it illegal to photograph buildings etc. without permission of the owners/architects involved.

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