POTD: Death March

Death March
Badwater Basin, California

When in Death Valley, a pilgrimage out into Badwater Basin is almost obligatory because in the middle of it lies the lowest point in North America, some 279 feet below sea level. The day I was there it was a balmy 70 degrees, so it was pleasant walking. In fact to get the absolute lowest point would have involved some wading as recent rain had left a fairly large pool of water in the middle of the basin. I imagined though, trying the same trip in the 130+ degree temperatures they sometimes get there in the summer. That really could become a death march.

7 thoughts on “POTD: Death March”

  1. Randy Blackwood

    I was there several years ago in August. It. Was over 120 other than making the obligatory walk out on the boardwalk that was about as far as I wanted to venture. Definitely sucks the life out of you.

    1. Randy, I think the month one chooses to visit a place like Death Valley is a measure of intelligence–or at least common sense! 🙂 I loved the 70 degree weather the two days I was there, but even the hottest part of those days when I was out in the direct sun was enough to remind me never to venture near there in the summer.

  2. I’m sure that was a popular spot for western films showing the desperate march/chase/flight across the desert …a la Three Godfathers with “The Duke”.

    1. You’re right Steve, I imagine the list of movies filmed in or around Death Valley is quite long–if for no other reason than it is so close to Hollywood.

  3. Given that I’m still in MT and it’s not yet officially spring, I first saw all that white as snow…though upon further reflection, there should have been snow on the foothills and mountains as well….;-)

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