February 2017

POTD: Lever and Chain

Lever and Chain
Ely, Nevada

I stopped here in Ely last night on my way to Death Valley and eventually Ridgecrest, CA for my art exhibit opening. I was surprised that it’s as cold here as it has been recently up in Montana. I arrived just as the sun was going down so had a few minutes to photograph at the Northern Nevada Railroad yards before it got dark. This was part of the release mechanism for the storage bins on an old railroad car of some sort.

Word Gets Around

After a snowy drive across Montana, we arrived in Lewistown this afternoon to hang my show at the Lewistown Art Center. While sitting in a coffee shop, I overheard an elderly woman a few tables away reading tidbits from the newspaper out loud to her daughter. I wasn’t listening to what she was saying–or wasn’t until I heard her read my name. I should have, but did not, gone over and introduced myself. But she did motivate me to buy a paper on my way out. Pretty cool coverage; above the fold even.

Maturango Museum Exhibit Opening

After a quick trip the next two days for the opening of my Elevations exhibit in Lewistown, Montana, I’m off to Ridgecrest, California for the opening reception for my composite image show there in a week. When it rains it pours–gotta love it.

You can see many of the images that will be in the exhibit at the Maturango Museum here.

POTD: Snow Train

Snow Train
Bozeman, Montana

You can’t help but envy trains when driving in heavy fog and snow–not much chance of accidentally driving off into the ditch in a train!