POTD: Snow Train

Snow Train
Bozeman, Montana

You can’t help but envy trains when driving in heavy fog and snow–not much chance of accidentally driving off into the ditch in a train!

2 thoughts on “POTD: Snow Train”

  1. Even trains have accidents. February 11 near Sacramento 22 boxcars derailed in the heavy rain. The engineer could not see that the tracks were washed out. No one was hurt and the cargo was food.

    Great Photograph.

    1. Yes trains do have accidents, some pretty spectacular ones. But I’d rather be in a train than a car if I was going to be in an accident. The mass of the train seems like it would be a big advantage. Statistics bear out my feelings (although likely for different reasons than mass); there are 17 times more deaths per passenger mile in cars than in trains. Air travel is even safer, with about 1/6 as many deaths per passenger mile as trains and about 1/100 the number of deaths in cars.

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