POTD: The Simple Life

The Simple Life
Manhattan, Montana


4 thoughts on “POTD: The Simple Life”

  1. Nice title. The composition produced thoughts on art (still life, medium), culture (red, white, blue against a sky blue) and personal preference (simple vs complex). I was curious if you tried a tight crop around the house leaving the foreground intact with the shadow and reflected light from the street unchanged. It might give it a more reductionist study of rectangles and that great fireplug. Leaving the complexity in the fringe of the photo may reinforce the simplicity of the subject and that juxtaposition could trigger those thoughts that examine matters other than art. P.S. Are you going to Hollywood to check out the oscars? I actually saw one movie this year that was up for an award.

    1. Quite the thoughtful analysis Steve, thanks for that. I did consider a tighter crop; in fact I have another shot of the place in which I zoomed in closer. I liked this one better, even though I think in general I have a tendency to zoom in closer than I should in terms of the “perfect” composition (whatever that is). Perhaps this is one case where context really does matter.

      I’m leaving for California on Monday, so will miss the Oscars. Not that I would have gone if I’d been there and actually been invited. (Well, maybe if I was invited.) I saw one of the movies too, La La Land, which is one of the favorites of all the critics it seems. Perhaps not surprisingly I thought it was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time and would have walked out on it except doing that might have been considered rude by Connie and the other couple we went to see it with. As it turns out my friend Robert felt about the same way about the movie as I did, so we could have left together. (And to this day we still be trying to make up for it to our wives!)

  2. Michele and I rented (freebee) Hell or High Water with Pine and Bridges. I liked it Michele not so much although she watched all of it. I liked the portrayal of the southern plains, kind of Last Picture Show meets Heat. I don’t care much about all the awards, I don’t usually don’t see a movie or hear a song until a couple of years after the release anyway.

  3. I’m so out of it I haven’t even heard of Hell or High Water, much less if it was or was not nominated for an Academy Award. La La Land’s big ta-do only registered on my radar because I’d already seen it.

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