POTD: Under Cover of Night

Under Cover of Night
Beijing, China

The smog was typically worse at night than during the day during our stay in Beijing. But a little darkness does a good job of camouflaging the issue, as seen in this shot compared to the daytime view from the same location that I posted two days ago.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Under Cover of Night”

  1. I like the contrast between the two… If you had a third one you could have one of your triplet configurations.

  2. Interesting comparison shot, but I like the daytime one better, even if the air was literally hazardous to your health!

    I’m assuming that outside the city there were not the air pollution issues….

    1. The air at night was just as hazardous, or more so. It was just disguised by the darkness. I was a couple of thousand miles away in the Gansu Province in September and the pollution wasn’t bad there. 🙂 An hour north of the city, I was wearing a mask while hiking the Great Wall. I think it goes a long way. The good news is the air is still quite clear in Montana–most of the time.

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