POTD: Beijing Fashion

Beijing Fashion
Beijing, China

I’m not saying it was really, really smoggy in Beijing this morning, but this was taken inside a car–and the Fashion Queen was not kidding around when she donned the mask for her lungs and the goggles for her eyes. The official air quality rating was “very unhealthy” all day except for a few hours when it was the next step up; “hazardous.” So of course we decided to hike the wall. While the section we hiked was about 40km from the center of town, it wasn’t far enough out to significantly lessen the density of the smog. An unwise choice perhaps but the six of us who went all survived.

8 thoughts on “POTD: Beijing Fashion”

  1. You didn’t say whether or not you had on similar headgear. Do most people in Beijing walk around all goggle-eyed during horrendous air quality days?

    1. Connie was the only one who I’ve seen wear goggles, although given the way my eyes burned, it was not a bad idea. The masks are quite commonplace; I’m actually surprised that they aren’t almost universal on the bad air days.

  2. Ok. I try not to do this often. But I can’t help it. With Scott Pruitt as EPA director this fashion statement may become commonplace in the US. The fashion queen is just ahead of her time.

    1. The last couple of days it’s been quite decent in terms of smog here in Beijing, but today the smog was back–not as bad as the day we went to the Great Wall, but still quite awful.

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