POTD: Lost in Translation #2

POTD: Lost in Translation #2Lost in Translation #2
Jiuquan, China

This sign was posted above the free-standing bathtub in my hotel room in Jiuquan. Apparently there is some concern that sitting on the edge of the tub might actually tip it over.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Lost in Translation #2”

  1. I showed this to our Chinese teacher. She said it is basically saying don’t stand on the edge of the tub you might slip off. Or something like that.

    1. I need a Chinese teacher or translator to sit with me when I’m going through all these photos! Having one on the trip would have been good too. A couple of the Chinese folks we were traveling with spoke good English. The rest spoke about as much English as I do Chinese (essentially none), which left the two folks spread a bit thin between a dozen Americans wanting to know different things all the time. I felt like we were pestering them a bit much.

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