September 22, 2016

TV Interview From China

A reporter for KR3 TV in Great Falls, Montana (and broadcast on their affiliates throughout the state) has been traveling with us on this China trip and filing reports for the news back home. Here is the segment he did on me.

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POTD: Singing Sand Mountain #4

POTD: Singing Sand Mountain #4Singing Sand Mountain #4
Dunhuang, China

The leading edge of the dunes near town are pretty tracked up with tourists like me walking around, and others on camels, dune buggies, etc. I would love to be dropped in the interior of the 25 square mile dunes to view an unbroken expanse of dune shapes and curves. Or, A similar pristine view can be had with less effort by simply waiting until after a wind storm smooths out all the tracks near the parking lot.

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