TV Interview From China

A reporter for KR3 TV in Great Falls, Montana (and broadcast on their affiliates throughout the state) has been traveling with us on this China trip and filing reports for the news back home. Here is the segment he did on me.

4 thoughts on “TV Interview From China”

  1. Nice piece about you and your work. Really liked the footage of the sand dune with all the people in front. It’s Towering! Your recent photo with the teeny-tiny people on the ridge of a dune helps convey its size.

    Glad you have gotten to travel to China twice and looking forward to more pics from this adventure. Congratulations on the publicity too! Hope it boosts attendance at your art fairs as well as sales! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kathy. I don’t think it will help art show sales as for the most part art fair folks are looking for a good gift or something that matches the couch. Consideration of the background of the artist is rare; I used to have a few copies of my LensWork publications laying around but few bothered to look at them. There are exceptions of course. One fellow came to my booth specifically because he recognized my name from LensWork. Turns out he was another photographer. He didn’t buy anything but I made a new friend–even better than a sale!

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