POTD: Lady MacGyver

POTD: Lady MacGyverLady MacGyver
Crow Agency, Montana

What do you do when presented with a mud puddle on a breezy but have no toy sailboat to take advantage of it? You improvise of course, and make something out of nothing.

I am going to be posting a series of action shots taken at the Crow Fair Rodeo. The first couple of images are not of the actual rodeo events, just some of the pre-rodeo action at the fairgrounds.

The rodeo is one of the main events at the annual Crow Fair sponsored by the Crow Nation. With over 45,000 attending, it is reportedly the largest Northern Native American gathering. Billed as the teepee capital of the world, well over 1,000 teepees can be seen pitched in the campground.

One interesting aspect of the Crow Fair is that it occurs along the banks of the Little Big Horn River, much in the same area where Custer’s troops came across the Lakota and Cheyenne encampment that spelled their doom. In fact, from the grandstand at the rodeo, Last Stand Hill is visible about a mile in the distance.

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