September 2016

POTD: China Daily Life #1

POTD: China Daily Life #1China Daily Life #1
Jiuquan, China

I suppose my Chinese friends would think some of this collection of “daily life” images mundane, or at least uninteresting as it simply shows folks going about their routine daily activities. But to an American it can look quite new and different.

I suspect the Chinese feel the same way about what they encounter when visiting over here–which would certainly explain why I see so many Chinese tourists pointing their cameras in seemingly uninteresting directions. Of course as with Americans, some of the Chinese insist on featuring themselves in an unending stream of selfies in front of random locations. That takes the travel photography product to a whole new level of mundanity, or worse.

POTD: Lost in Translation #3

POTD: Lost in Translation #3Lost in Translation #3
Jiauguan, China

This shot came out a bit blurry, but I love the message. Can you guess where this sign was posted?


POTD: Lost in Translation #2

POTD: Lost in Translation #2Lost in Translation #2
Jiuquan, China

This sign was posted above the free-standing bathtub in my hotel room in Jiuquan. Apparently there is some concern that sitting on the edge of the tub might actually tip it over.

Tsing Tao Exhibition

The exhibit of nine American artists (of which I am one) in Tsing Tao, China is now in place. The exhibit space is made of five shipping containers stacked three high and is located in the parking lot of an upscale shopping area. (Prada, Hermes etc.–names that impress the Fashion Queen.)

I was not at the reception for the show, but by the looks of two of the artists (Parks Reece and Jenny Balisle) who were, a good time was had by all. The other photo shows one of my photos in the exhibition.



POTD: Turn the Crank

POTD: Turn the CrankTurn the Crank
Jiuquan, China

I like the way the emblem on this human-powered cart suggests the movement of the pedals when in motion.

POTD: Spotlight

POTD: SpotlightSpotlight
Qilian Mountains, China

The sun singled out this otherwise insignificant peak as the scattered clouds moved across the mountains.

POTD: Singing Sand Mountain #5

POTD: Singing Sand Mountain #5Singing Sand Mountain #5
Dunhuang, China

The more poetic name I came up with for this image, based on what made it catch my eye, is Mid-Autumn Festival Moon. I took this during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday in China, which falls on a full moon. It is a time when people get together with family for a reunion, prayer, and giving thanks for the harvest. Special moon cakes are shared for the occasion. It’s sort of like a Chinese version of Thanksgiving in the U.S. It is the second-most important holiday of the year, after Tết.

TV Interview From China

A reporter for KR3 TV in Great Falls, Montana (and broadcast on their affiliates throughout the state) has been traveling with us on this China trip and filing reports for the news back home. Here is the segment he did on me.