POTD: Turn the Crank

POTD: Turn the CrankTurn the Crank
Jiuquan, China

I like the way the emblem on this human-powered cart suggests the movement of the pedals when in motion.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Turn the Crank”

  1. I love the shine on the emblem and the engraving(?). It’s beautiful and seems more regal or ornate than something on a simple cart. The curve of the emblem is echoed in the brace(?) that goes from the gear and pedal upwards. Lovely composition.

    P.S. Have been savoring the images in the Seeing in Sixes book from Lenswork. Absolutely gorgeous work! Highly recommended if you have not already ordered one. Tim Messick from the Lenswork workshop we all attended has two portfolios in it! Amazing!

    1. Thanks Kathy. I don’t have a copy of Seeing in Sixes. Perhaps I should remedy that. I had seen the list of contributors and noted Tim’s name. Good on him.

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